“We Leadership” by Paul Otte

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"We Leadership" book by Paul Otte

"We Leadership" by Paul Otte

Join Paul Otte as he examines four organizations that exemplify a "we" way of thinking to demonstrate the primary principles and values that enable an organization to implement a leadership philosophy that truly engages people.


'We Leadership' is unusually clear, focused and a great read. Given the facts that demonstrate the huge increase in performance and productivity when employees and managers are engaged, the question Paul Otte is asking is 'Why are so few people engaged given its overwhelming importance?'

As Paul Otte makes very clear, the impossible becomes probable as soon as we replaces me and the whole is seamless in its’ values, focus and priorities. And I LOVE the new approach to measurement. Asking people questions and really listening to what they say is exactly What I do. You’ve captures the essence of that in your writings.”

- Judith M. Bardwick, Ph.D., Bestselling Author,
Danger in the Comfort Zone and One Foot Out the Door

"Reading about the other organizations Paul Otte has highlighted makes me realize how we share similar beliefs and values. The concepts and ideas he writes about can be applied to raise the level of engagement in any setting. No matter where you are on your leadership journey, 'We Leadership' is a must read."

 - Jane Grote Abell, Chairwoman,
Donatos Pizza

"There is no substitute for great leadership. This superb work offers crucial insights on the foundations of selfless leadership, respect, admiration, and ultimately success. Good leaders become great when they study what works and why - this will improve any leader."

 - Brig. Gen. Dave Reist, USMC (Retired),
Program Manager, Columbia Group and Senior Fellow,
Potomac Institute for Policy Study

"Informed by observations of such diverse organizations as the military, academia, and business, Paul Otte has found the silken threads to weave a cohesive and replicable leadership model. Make it required reading for your senior team - or give it to your boss! I wish I had it to read years ago."

 - Marsha P. Ryan, SVP, Former American Electric Power;
President and COO, Indiana Michigan Power,
CEO, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

"'We Leadership' goes beyond leader characteristics and behaviors, and approaches leadership through the involvement of both the leader and the people to be led. It is leadership through engagement. Studies indicate that many in the organization are not engaged. 'We Leadership' brings a fresh and needed perspective with practical, grounded insight and tools."

 - Ted Light, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Chair,
Department of Business Technology,
College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences, Miami University