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Leadership Presentations focused on what you need.  We match speakers to needs to assure what people hear (and take away) can be applied to their leadership in your organization.  ​

Leadership Coaching and Consulting based on years of leadership experience.  Our Founders have proven themselves in a wide variety of organizations across all sectors.  They can coach, mentor, and guide you to quality leadership.​

​Providing guidance, coordination, and administrative support for your leadership programs.  We can help you build a program from “the ground up,” or maintain the quality of an existing program.

Leadership Books

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We can all use those little daily reminders to help practice and strengthen our leadership skills. That’s why the Leadership Minutes are so great. They’re short, one-minute reads that help me apply and practice a leadership topic each day.

Bill Lhota, Former CEO, COTA & Senior Executive, AEP Ross Leadership Institute Founder