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Paul Otte presents leadership program


Leadership Development Programs are designed and delivered by Founders and Associates. Our emphasis is on a focused approach to specific leadership needs, not a “one-size fits all” response common in other programs. ​

Offerings include: our established “core” format based on the leadership credo – Leaders know themselves, their people, and their profession; expanded programs based on the talents and experience of our Founders and associates; a special program, Leadership Boot Camp, based on the values and leadership principles of the Marine Corps (developed by Founder General McCarthy), all designed, developed, and delivered to meet your leadership needs.​

Developing leadership programs and courses specific to your needs by bringing together the experiences of our proven leaders. Depending on your needs, we can develop a leadership program and individual courses or modules for your organization, college or university.  ​

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The Ross Leadership Institute is a terrific resource. Not only do they provide valuable information through their daily minutes and hours, but they even designed a leadership development program specifically to meet COTA’s needs.

Julie LaSusa, Director, Employee Development & Relations, Central Ohio Transit Authority