Doug Smith​

man presenting to crowd
Doug Smith, Ross Leadership Institute founder

Doug Smith​

Former CEO Kraft Foods, Canada,
CEO Bordens, Chairman/CEO Best Brands
Book, Speaker, Happiness Courses, Leadership Programs

Doug, a former business leader, wants to make a difference in the world by teaching, writing, advising and sharing what he has learned while continuing to learn from others. He served as CEO of Kraft Foods Canada, Chairman/CEO of Borden Foods Corporation and most recently Chairman/CEO of Best Brands Corporation.

His specific areas of interest are leadership and organizational effectiveness, happiness and well-being, and the skill of dealing with setbacks in life. He works with organizations and individuals, focusing on emerging companies, and on CEO’s who are eager to learn and enhance their leadership skills and live with greater joy and abundance.

Doug’s interest in positive psychology led him to author a book entitled Happiness: The Art of Living with Peace, Confidence and Joy (released January, 2014). He teaches an undergraduate course at DePauw University and leads sessions at Canyon Ranch on “The Skills of Happiness”. Doug speaks on both leadership and happiness at conferences and organizations across the country and consults with numerous CEO’s. He does not charge for his services, but requires a meaningful contribution to cancer research (either the James Cancer Center or The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) in return for his work. Likewise, the profits from his book are donated to cancer research. To date, his work and writing has raised over $1.5 million for these causes.

Doug has a BA and an honorary doctorate from DePauw University and an MBA from Dartmouth College. He and his wife Phyllis have two grown sons and live happily in Columbus, Ohio.

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