January 21, 2020 Speaker

December 16, 2019

Stephen Robbins

President & CEO 

Student-Leader Seminar

Steve Robbins biography

Title: Managing Up

We manage our bosses for a very good reason…to get the resources and information we need to do our job. Understanding your bosses’ strengths, weaknesses, vision, goals, work style, and needs can help you to achieve this. During this session you will learn how to manage your boss with integrity and political savvy. Whether you’re good friends with your boss or have trouble coexisting in the same office, managing your boss is an organizational imperative and an essential skill necessary for your success as well as the success of your boss, your team, and ultimately your organization.

Registration is required. No cost to attend

To register, email debbie@rossleadership.com

February 25, 2020 Ross Leadership Hour will feature Kelley Griesmer, President & CEO of The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

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