Bring the Cart Back

November 21, 2017

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Today’s Leadership Minute was written by: Ciara Crinion, Asst. Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of Hartford, Ct., and a student in the Leadership and Team Dynamics class at Ohio University, taught by Jay Martin, Men’s Soccer Coach, Ohio Wesleyan University and a Founder of our Ross Leadership Institute.

Every week or so I head to the local grocery store. I come prepared with a list of items I want to be sure to get, but I also enjoy the time weaving through each aisle in my cart to see what else might be out there to purchase.

“Oooh organic yogurt, who knew!”

“A new flavor of protein bar—I’ll try that!”

After I navigate each aisle and nook of the store, it’s time to check out and head home.

As I make my way to my car (which seems 100 yards away), the wheels on my cart rattle their loud boisterous self to subtly remind me I’m pushing my grocery cart, in the parking lot (thanks for the reminder!).

After loading in the bags to the back seat, you are left with a choice: what to do with that now empty grocery cart? Push it off into the open distance and hope for the best? Strategically place it in front of your car—clearly no longer in your way, but a potential hazard to the cars facing you. Or, the big or, depending on how your day has gone, is to heroically bring that cart to a nearby cart station where it belongs.

We all have choices each and every day. Sometimes, even the simplest of ones like the grocery cart. Leadership is something you can’t turn on and turn off. It doesn’t just matter if things are going well that day, or it’s easier to do the right thing this time—it is all the time.

In order for an organization or a group to run effectively, there are no jobs too small as every functioning piece of that organization is vital to its success.

Model your values. Be a leader. Bring the cart back.

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